The Bounds of Proletarian Emancipation – A Contribution to the Critique of Unions
November 2011

Translation from Article «Schranken proletarischer Emanzipation – Zur Kritik der Gewerkschaften» of Kosmoprolet #3 Everybody who is involved in one of the current labour struggles – who watches them or tries to intervene in them – has to deal with the issue of unions. Whether acting as mediators or supporters, drivers or procrastinators, you meet […]

»Crisis of Value«
Oktober 2009

Originally published in International Perspective 51-52 – Fall 2009, we translated this text into German and published it in Kosmoprolet #2. There’s no need to repeat that we are in the midst of the worst crisis of capitalism since the 1930’s: even in the mass media this has become a mantra. But why are we in this mess? […]

Time to Leave the Sinking Ship
Mai 2009

Overcoming the crisis: destroy capitalism! Pamphlet on 1 May 2009 The crisis has already spilled the rims of today’s news reports. It is not unraveling in distant lands. It is no longer an abstract event. The crisis arrived in our here and today’s, we all can feel its impact. In spite of Obama’s charismatic smile, […]

“President Chavez is a tool of God”
Oktober 2008

Translation of the Article „Präsident Chavez ist ein Werkzeug Gottes“ by Sergio López in Kosmoprolet #1. Published in two parts in Internationalist Perspective #51-52 – Fall 2008 and #53 Spring 2009. A highlight of every child’s birthday party in Venezuela is a piñata, a brightly-coloured paper container filled with candy or toys dangling from a rope. Taking turns the children try […]

28 Theses on Class Society
Oktober 2007

The following theses, written by Friends of the Classless Society, were originally published in German in the journal Kosmoprolet #1. In the editorial, the authors write: “In the ’28 Theses on Class Society’, we outline the historical changes that the concepts of proletariat, class struggle, and revolution have undergone, while still retaining their validity. Just […]

About us
September 2007

The group «Eiszeit» was founded in December 2004. The common ground on which we organized ourselves is a fundamental rejection of capitalism. We think that a revolutionary overthrow of society is an utter necessity in order for the wants and needs of all people to be satisfied. Our critique of society is mainly motivated by […]