About us

The group «Eiszeit» was founded in December 2004. The common ground on which we organized ourselves is a fundamental rejection of capitalism. We think that a revolutionary overthrow of society is an utter necessity in order for the wants and needs of all people to be satisfied. Our critique of society is mainly motivated by our own situation in it. We disapprove of any kind of politics of representation; everyone has to be free if any of us are to be free. With that in mind, our argument is based on Karl Marx’s critique of political economy. It’s not because we agree with each and every of his words or because we are interested in his work in a „sociological“ or „historical“ sense. We are engaged in the critique of political economy because one has to understand capitalism in order to be able to abolish it.

We dismiss any constructive participation in this society; we deny the State and any political institutions to represent our interests; we reject any legitimation of the State’s monopoly on violence. Moreover, we consider the state to be an essential instrument for the integration and repression of non-conforming and oppositional forces. That’s why we categorically object to parliamentary democracy. From our point of view, the taking over of the State by a communist party has been an historical mistake. The countervailing power of the proletariat will have to give itself new forms, free of any authority, which can be used as a foundation for the future society.

Our perspective can’t be that of demands for autonomous communes, cooperatives, etc., precisely because they don’t go beyond commodity exchange and hence (self-)exploitation, competition and socialization of value (Wertvergesellschaftung). Class society cannot be overcome unless people are able to determine production collectively according to their needs, which, on the other hand, makes possible and entails new forms of human social relations.

We don’t see any potential for emancipation in the so-called „national liberation movements.“ We are not in solidarity with „nations“ or even „ethnic groups,“ but set our focus on the concrete person, whose conditions of existence depend, in the first place, on his/her position within global class relations. Our point of departure is that we believe that the questioning of capitalism in practice can only come into being when consciousness of class conflict emerges (i.e. consciousness of the existence of conflicting interests between the working class and capital). Our intention is not to represent people in struggle, but to participate in the revolutionary process. That is also the background to our presence at points of conflict in society, but it doesn’t exclude [our interest in] a broader range of concerns. Thus, of course we also struggle against racism, anti-Semitism and sexism, but at the same time that necessitates that we always try to reveal how capitalism is related to a particular discrimination or form of repression because capital can only be understood as a totality. You can’t reason about exploitation, power or value in an isolated way; they are part of the social totality.

We don’t refer to any specific current of the Marxist tradition. It’s been awhile, though, since we began a discussion about how and where we could make practical links or references to moments in the history of the left-communist movement. This should not only help clarify our own position and approaches for action, but also facilitate debate with the revolutionary Left of today. And our only objective is to always be able to contribute to the consolidation of the countervailing revolutionary power, in order to overcome this whole pile of shit we are living in at the moment.

For a stateless and classless society!

Eiszeit, September 2007